Team Kiwi‘s final COLAB slides!! (marketing plan to come)


We just finished up our third week of COLAB at Pop Art, for our weekly Friday team meetings – long story short, things are really starting to come together (for both teams, I believe!) and we’re starting to get really excited about how things are falling together!!!

Again, COLAB is going extremely well, everyone is seeming to enjoy their second agency and everyone is so supportive.  Thank you Jamie, Hallie, Heather, Mason, etc.  You guys rock!!!

This past weekend Mary and I checked out the Mississippi Street Fair #1 to visit the Sameunderneath store and booth and #2 to see what the Mississippi Street Fair was all about which ended up consisting of: enjoying good food, people watching, drinking horchata (it was good, but would have been great with a little ice), watching performers, and getting some pretty serious flip flop tanlines. It was a LITTLE hot, but all in all, great 1st experience with the Street Fair.

Here’s a video of one of the groups we came across:

Here’s the video:

Special thanks to Henry V for hosting us.  The crossbow is being drawn…

edit: Sorry Mary!

We’re here!!

We’re Kiwi, a team of ad/marketing/branding/business/whatever the heck else interns with Portland Advertising Federation Colaboratory program.

In six weeks, we are to create a campaign for our client, Sameunderneath. We’re day 2 into the project and quite excited about this opportunity. We’ve created this blog to track our progress and would love any and all feedback.

To begin, here’s Bryan explaining how we created the name Kiwi.